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 At the Annual General Meeting of the Kenilworth & District Historical Assn Inc. held on 20 May, 2010 the project Gifts from the Past was launched.  The strategy was to collect brief narratives from current and former residents of the district in an endeavour to document some of the more recent history of the area.


The  first of these collected stories was published on page 6 of the Mary Valley Voice community newspaper on August 18, 2010 (Volume 20 Number 15).  A narrative letter from a soldier serving in the South-West Pacific, published in the July 21 edition, establishing the era for a little of our misplaced history.

Gift number 1 - Letter from a World War II Soldier

Gift number 2 - Victor Fedorniak - and Little Yabba Forestry.

Gift number 3 - More World War II Memories   

Gift Number 4 - Little Yabba Creek Forestry Reserve 1953-56

Gift number 5 - Preparation for the Kenilworth Show in 1924

Gift number 6 - Memories of Audrey Purtell (nee Burley)

Gift number 7 - An unforgetable person - Aunty Kate Adams

Gift number 8 - Memories of Miss Mackay

Gift number 9 - Marie Passlow Dressmaker's Scissors

Gift number 10 - More of Marie McIvor's Memories